Illustration: Promo Art

Comps for  our agent’s promotional calendar!  An  illustration  for the month of August.  It’s supposed to be a fun summer beach scene.  Of course since it’s a Miracle Studios illustration it can’t be an ordinary Norman Rockwell type of theme.  It’s got to have something WILD.

Hence the crashed rocket ship , which has been rusting for decades.  And you can tell by those twin moons, this is another planet.

Here’s a second summer themed idea.  Beach scene again, but set in the early sixties.  In this reality, in addition to JFK, hula hoops and The Beatles,  super heroes exist  too!   And that’s an Orange Nehi, the  cute girl is drinking.  These comps were sketched out in pencil, scanned and colored roughly in Photoshop.

New direction, Miracle now has the month of November to illustrate.   Here super heroes fly past those big cartoon balloons at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.   The heart of the illustration is the reaction of the woman , as a boy super hero notices her and gives her a smile.

Here’s photo reference I cobbled together from Google image searches.    No, it’s not cheating.  Even Norman Rockwell used photo reference.   Of course he did it the hard way shooting his own models.

One alteration, the boy super hero has to be changed to a full grown one. I’m skipping the pencils, ( I’ve misplaced them) but here are the inks.  The figures were inked on a piece of bristol, over the pencils on a light table. The balloons and buildings were inked digitally.

Here is the final piece, colored in Photoshop.  I didn’t  draw the actual DC characters of Wonder Woman and Superman,  but  did slip in Jon Jonzz , the Martian Manhunter  for my fellow nerds,ha!